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Friday, 15 Jul, 2016

Baked grouper, sautéed edamame beans and shimeji mushrooms in orange-butter sauce

Baked grouper, sautéed edamame beans and shimeji mushrooms in orange-butter sauce

Ketayap bunjut

Shimeji mushrooms and edamame beans, albeit found in certain corners of the West is nonetheless most prominent in east-Asian cuisine, and most notably, Japan. Coupled here with the mildly sweet flavour of grouper, as well as the richness of its orange-butter sauce, these ingredients are then elevated into the hallowed halls of fine-dining gourmet.

FOR BAKED GROUPER To prepare grouper.

450 g grouper fish, tightly rolled

50 g shallots, chopped
10 g garlic, chopped
50 g coriander leaves, chopped
20 g salt
20 g mirepoix of carrot, leek, onion and celery
Palm oil for drizzling



100 g shimeji mushrooms

80 g edamame beans, blanched
3 g garlic, chopped
10 g clarified butter


10 g unsalted butter

8O ml orange juice
10 g orange zest

5 g salt



30 g crispy purple potato, julienned


Preheat the oven to 180°C. Marinate grouper fish in chopped shallots, garlic and coriander leaves, then add salt. Place fish on a small baking tray, then spoon the mirepoix over it. Drizzle with palm oil, then bake for 10 minutes, until fish is cooked.

To prepare vegetables.
Sauté edamame beans and shimeji mushrooms with garlic in clarified butter.

To make orange-butter sauce.
Soft boil orange juice. Add in orange zest and butter, whisking until all the ingredients are well-combined. Add salt to taste.

To assemble.
Plate sautéed vegetables with baked grouper as pan of a trio combination. Pour over orange-butter sauce, then garnish with julienned purple potato crisps. Serve immediately.

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