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Monday, 27 May, 2019

Malaysia set to raise domestic palm biofuel use — trade ministry

KUALA LUMPUR (May 27): Malaysia is expected to allow for a higher percentage of palm biodiesel blends over the next few decades, the international trade and industry ministry said.

The ministry said in a statement on Saturday that it is working with the Primary Industries Ministry to include a so-called "B20/B30-ready" specification for vehicles.

The aim is to increase the minimum bio-content local producers must add to its biodiesel fuel to 20%, double the current level. In December under the B10 biodiesel mandate, the government increased the bio-content to 10% from 7%.

Trade Minister Darell Leiking said that as the largest exporter of palm oil in the world, Malaysia is in a position to ensure that this commodity especially benefits "the energy and transportation ecosystem."

The European Commission concluded in March that palm oil cultivation led to excessive deforestation and its use in transport fuel should be phased out.

Source : The Edge Markets

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