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Monday, 27 Aug, 2018

Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar (POTS) Kuala Lumpur 2018 - Download Papers

POTS series is back!!! This time around it is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 28-29 August 2018. It is a certainly a pleasure for Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) to offer you the opportunity to participate in this event. POTS is mooted to acknowledge the importance of Malaysia as a major palm oil producer and more importantly, a discerning customer of Malaysian palm oil. The event is designed to offer oils and fats players both from within and outside Malaysia a platform to exchange, discuss issues affecting the trade and business networking. In this regard, POTS KL enables the users to receive updates on the latest development on palm oil trade. For this purpose, we have lined up a team of oils and fats industry experts to present carefully selected papers to update issues affecting the palm oil trade.

Event Programme

Plenary Paper :
Next Level Opportunities , How to Manage Your Risk in a Time of Emerging Trade Barriers

download_pdf Paul Bloemendal,
Pretb Pte Ltd
Paper 1 :
Global Oils & Fats Markets & Price Outlook 2018 / 2019

download_pdf Thomas Mielke,
Oil World
Paper 2 :
Palm Oil - Embracing Changes in a Transforming Market

download_pdf Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram,
Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)
Paper 3 :
Outlook of Palm Oil in China Under Current Trade and Economic Policy

Zhou Shi Yong, President,
Beijing Heyirong Invest Group Co. Ltd


Paper 4 :
Globalization to Overcome Protectionism In International Trade

download_pdf Vijay Sardana,
UPL Group
Paper 5 :
The Challenges of Saturated Fats in Food Formulation : A Role for Palm Oil

download_pdf Kevin Smith ,
Fat Science Consulting Ltd
Paper 6 :
Progress in Mitigating 3-MCPDE/GE in Malaysian Palm Oil

download_pdf Rosidah Radzian,
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
Paper 7 :
Biodiesel - Challenges & Opportunities

download_pdf U.R. Unnithan,
Malaysian Biodiesel Association (MBA)
Paper 8 :
Application of Palm Oil in Food Ingredients Production in the United States

download_pdf Dr. Katy Revels,
Fuji Vegetable Oil

Paper 9 :
Global Analysis of Oils and Fats Supply and Demand 2018 and Beyond

download_pdf Nagaraj Meda,
Transgraph Consulting
Regional Workshop 1 : Sub Continent/ Asia Pacific & China
Paper 1 :
Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Palm Oil Complex

download_pdf Jeffrey Tan
Bursa Malaysia
Paper 2 :
An Insight into the Asian Oleochemicals Market

download_pdf Jackie Wong Tsz Hin,
Paper 3 :
Steady Growth in Import vis-a-vis Consumption of Oils and Fats in India

download_pdf Bhavna Shah,
MPOC India
Paper 4 :
Oils & Fats in Vietnam - Outlook & Growth Factors of Vietnamese Market

download_pdf Dinh Phuong Thao,
Golden Hope Nha Be
Paper 5 :
Pakistan Appetite for Palm Oil & Opportunities in Processing and Storage Facilities

download_pdf Jahangir Rasheed,
Westbury Group
Regional Workshop 2 : Middle East & Africa
Paper 1 :
Accessing Malaysian Palm Oil Products

download_pdf Aron Liew,
Kenanga Futures Sdn Bhd
Paper 2 :
Oleochemical Growth Opportunities in Egypt

download_pdf Mohamed H Radwan,
Oleo Misr
Paper 3 :
Palm Oil in Saudi Arabia & Middle East Current Trends and Future Prospects

download_pdf Zahid Hussain,
United Flowers for Vegetables Oils Co. Ltd
Paper 4 :
Market Challenges & Opportunities for Palm Oil in Iran

download_pdf Mohammad Hafezh,
MPOC Turkey
Paper 5 :
Growing Demand for Palm Oil in Africa, Changing Dynamic

download_pdf Sandeep Singh,
Global Farm Trade
Regional Workshop 3 : Europe & Americas
Paper 1 :
Palm Oil Market Growth in Colombia

download_pdf Roberto Herrera Lara,
Del Llano Alto Oleico
Paper 2 :
Renewable and Sustainable Fuels Demand in Europe and US RFS2 Implications and Opportunities for Palm Biofuels

download_pdf Adrian Suharto,
Neste Singapore
Paper 3 :
Update on Palm Oil Consumption in the United States of America

download_pdf Luis Carlos Corredor,
Thin Oil Products
Paper 4 :
Building a Trusted Sustainable Supply Chain for Palm Oil with Blockchain Technology

download_pdf Kamales Lardi,
Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH
Paper 5 :
Issues and Challenges for Palm Oil in Eurasian Region

download_pdf Aleksey Udovenko,
MPOC Russia
Paper 11 :
The Impact of Government Policies on the Behaviour of the CPO Market

download_pdf Dr. James Fry,
LMC International
Paper 12 :
Adopting Traceability & Sustainability as Marketing Advantage for Palm Oil

download_pdf Guy Hogge,
Louis Dreyfus (LDC)
Paper 13 :
Indonesian Biodiesel Program : Towards Achieving B30 Blending by 2020

download_pdf Togar Sitanggang,
Paper 14 :
Outlook of Palm and Vegetable Oils 2018/2019

download_pdf Dorab Mistry,

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