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Friday, 29 Jul, 2016

Pan-fried goose liver with grilled peach and raspberry

Ketayap bunjut

Pan-fried goose liver with grilled peach and raspberry.

Foie gras: a culinary revelation that has, since aeons past, been the source of food-based debates that range from origins, to cooking methods, to humanitarian disputes. While there is some truth to these disputes, (foie gras is, in fact, engorged goose livers) it cannot be denied that it is a long- standing delicacy that has been served to whoops of delight from gourmet lovers from then to now.

In time, numerous delicious ways for cooking and preparing foie gras have developed: in sauces, in alcohol, in fruit. All true masterpieces of work, all prized delicacies. This recipe is no less than such.

150 g goose liver, sliced, 50 g each

1 no peach

Fresh raspberries
4 spoons brown sugar
Palm 0iI

4 spoons raspberry vinaigrette

Fresh chervil to garnish

Heat sugar over low frames in order 10 caramelise it. When it as a dark golden colour, add in the vinaigrette, then salt to taste and allow to reduce until a thick syrup is formed.

Slice the peach up. Drizzle over some palm oil, then sprinkle on some sugar before grilling.

In an iron pan, pan-fry both sides of the goose liver until browned. Drain on kitchen towels when cooked and season with salt.

Plate with grilled peach, raspberries, and chervil, then dress with sauce before serving.

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