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Friday, 03 Jun, 2016

Pickled fish with bambangan fruit

Pickled fish with bambangan fruit

Pickled fish with bambangan fruit

This raw fish salad of the Kadazan-Dusun people of Sabah is a popular appetiser in this east-Malaysian state. Fresh, raw fish is marinated in lime juice, which ‘cooks’ the fish. As the marinating period in this recipe is very brief, the fish is only partially cooked. As such, be sure to use only the fresh of fish.


500 g mackerel (ikan tenggiri)

60 g lime juice
30 g bambangan fruit (local fruit), diced
10 g red chili, chopped

4 g green bird’s eye chili, sliced

10 g ginger, minced
10 g shallot, sliced
3 g pickled papaya, sliced
3 g salt
2 g sugar
2 tbsp palm oil

Prepare mackerel by washing it well, removing the bone and skin with a sharp knife, and then cutting it into small pieces.

Transfer the fish into a bowl and add the lime juice, bambangan fruit, chilies, ginger shallot, pickled papaya, salt, sugar and palm oil, mixing all together. Let it stand for 5 minutes and serve.


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