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Friday, 09 Sep, 2016

Sarawak laksa

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak laksa

Flavourful as local herbs and spices go, laksa is spawned of the Peranakan culture, and has long since grown into the hearts and stomachs of food-loving locals and expatriates alike. The various cultures and areas in which laksa is served have, through the ages, seen to it that variants are born to suit the flavours and taste buds of the locals. This particular recipe is a variant that hails from Sarawak, and is one of the Four Points Sheraton’s best-selling signature dishes.


2 litres water

280 g Sarawak Iaksa paste
450 g prawn shells
1 litre coconut milk

450 g chicken breast meat

2 eggs
1 pack vermicelli, soaked to soften
300 g prawns, peeled, de-veined
1 50 g bean sprouts, blanched
1 O g coriander leaves

200 g calamansi, halved

20 g salt
40 g sugar


300 g fresh galangal

150 g candlenut
90 g peanut
250 g shallot

100 g garlic

70 g dry chili
20 g salt
150 ml cooking oil
10 g nutmeg

Combine water, laksa paste and prawn shells and boil for 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, poach the chicken breast in lightly-salted water, then shred roughly.
Lightly beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper. Heat some oil in frying pan, then pour in the beaten eggs, carefully swirling the mixture around to get a thin, crepe-like layer. Once the omelette has cooked, remove it from the pan, fold over, and cut into strips.
Strain the stock, then add coconut milk. Season to taste with salt and sugar.
Blanch the vermicelli along with fresh prawns.
Pour the laksa gravy over vermicelli. Garnish with prawns, shredded chicken, egg-strips, bean- sprouts, coriander leaves and calamansi. Serve immediately.
To make Sarawak laksa paste. Grind all the ingredients except the oil until fine.
Heat up the oil in a wok and added all ingredients. Slowly sauté until the paste is well cooked.

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