The Story Of Palm Oil

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Stay In Touch

The new santan in your kitchen.

Malaysian Palm Oil is a fantastic source of Provitamin A and Vitamin E Tocotrienols. But how do these nutrients benefit us?

Hailed as a superfood on a popular American television programme in 2013, red palm oil (RPO) gained its much-needed stardom.

Be responsible for your waste. Recycle your used cooking oil.

Malaysian Palm Oil’s versatility can be seen across diversities of food, culture, and society.

The 4-part vibrant printout teaches kids about the marvels of Malaysian Palm Oil, from farm to fork. Learn about the history of the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry, and the benefits of the health-packed functional food, Malaysian Red Palm Oil.

As we move towards a more consumer-informed society, chefs and cooks are not left behind.

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